4 Amazing Plants That Keep Your House Cool And Fresh

While decorative pieces and portraits beautify your home, plants can do the same thing, but with added health benefits. Plants are like biological air-conditioners at home. They absorb carbon dioxide by taking in air that creates so much heat, and in exchange, they provide oxygen and are also soothing on the eyes. Here are four amazing plants that could work as natural aircons at home.


orchidPhoto credit: pinterest.com

Contrary to popular belief, orchids are quite easy to maintain and the only reason why they have short lifespans is that they die due to kindness – a.k.a. too much sun and water. Orchids are simple plants, requiring little water and air to keep them alive. While most orchids grow on tree trunks, there are also potted variety that add color to your home. These plants rid the air of xylene, a kind of toxin often found in construction glue and paint. They also respire mostly at night, so air is cooler and more purified at this time.

Aloe Vera

aloe-vera-plantPhoto credit: avso.org

Aloe vera doesn’t only bring down the formaldehyde content and overall heat in the house, but also serves as a medicinal plant. It has been known over the years to serve as good shampoo and also balms for wounds (particularly burns). And if you’re the type who’s rather clumsy at the stove, having an Aloe Vera plant is definitely a must-have. Being a cactus-type plant, they’re easy to care for as they’re rather low maintenance.



Ferns are simple plants that have lived ever since the prehistoric period. They’re favored for their soft, feathery leaves instead of spiky plants that may end up poking your guests. Ferns also grow to a considerable size and can make a good decorative piece especially if you have a small living room. When it comes to air conditioning, ferns target the presence of toulene and xylene commonly found in paints, glues, and nail polish.


pothos plantPhoto credit: today.com

Known for its heart-shaped leaves, pothos is a small plant that gets rid of carbon monoxide and formaldehyde. It thrives in low amounts of sunlight and colder temperatures. This plant also adds a nice glow to your home and lights up the living room. And for those who entertain smokers in the house, this can help filter out the carbon monoxide left behind.

Apart from freshening up the environment, plants are also a cheaper alternative to buying an aircon. But there’s only so much cool air that plants can provide, and when you’re faced with sweltering heat, you still need an aircon to power up your home. Find the one with a good efficiency rating. Need installation assistance? Log on to Gawin and we’ll set you up with the right aircon contractors to make your home cool again.

written by Katherine Gohu