3 ways you’re wasting water without even knowing it!

Wasting water is a common bad practice most of us are guilty of, however, we understand it can also be due to procrastinating the repairs such as leaky faucets, broken pipes and other uncontrollable forces that cause water wastage. Here are the 3 most common ways you are wasting water and not realising it.

Leaving sink to run while washing! 

The kitchen is one of the major water usages in the home and sadly you may not realise how much you’re wasting. For instance, leaving the faucet running while you wash fruits and vegetables can cause you to waste gallons of water in just one washing. Another common habit is leaving the water running while brushing your teeth, this is another huge waste. What you can do to help save water is to collect and use the remaining water to flower your potted plants.

Ignoring the faucet leaks

Leaks from pipes, faucets or plumbing fixtures are a major source of water waste for every householder. Researchers found that the average household wastes about 11356 litres of water per year due to the indoor leaks. For example, faucet leaks are a significant and common occurrence that will waste more than 340 litres per day. 

Micro leaks might not seem like an emergency problem, but unresolved leaks can cause large amounts of water waste, or even mould! We recommend hiring our trusted experts to sort out your plumbing woes immediately. 

Your plumbing system is out of date

Over time, your pipes will gradually rust and corrode. If you don’t install a new plumbing system, you could be facing future leaks and a high water bill. For example, one of the common plumbing systems that are used for older homes is galvanized pipes. Once the galvanized pipes rust from the inside out, it will severely restrict the flow of water and the corrosion could lead pipes to leak. You can book our plumbing service and our experts will provide you with high-quality service. 

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