3 Toilet Problems You Should Not Ignore!

Having toilet problems are inconvenient and can be quite gross to handle. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean we can just dodge problems like that, here are a few toilet problems that you should not ignore.


1. Cracked Toilet Seats



A cracked toilet seat is super dangerous and honestly extremely unbearable. How are you supposed to do your business on a cracked toilet seat without putting your bottom at risk of getting cut? 

Getting cut by a cracked toilet seat is dangerous because it may have underlying germs and bacteria on it which can enter your wound and cause an infection. Toilet seats are replaceable and easy to come by, you can get them from household stores and won’t cost you a fortune. 

If you need help fixing/replacing your toilet seats, hire our professionals and get your plumbing fittings installed in no time. 


2. Clogged Toilet



Having a clogged toilet basically makes it unusable, water won’t be able to flush down and clear so your toilet will be flooded with dirty water. Delaying the fix will only lead to more clogging and a serious backlog. 

It is best to fix the clogged toilet as soon as possible to avoid the problem from turning into a disaster. If you ever need help to unclog your toilet, book our plumbing repair service and let our professional plumbers help you.


3. Sweaty toilet



A sweaty toilet is when the tank fills with cold water, the outside of the tank drops in temperature. The warm air comes and the cold tank which forms condensation on the outside.

A sweaty toilet can cause serious damage from dripping onto your bathroom floor. It can damage your toilet flooring and tiles. If you ever spot your toilet sweating, get it checked and fixed by a professional as soon as possible. 

Plumbing repairs aren’t easy and can go wrong quickly without the right knowledge, instead of doing DIY fix, hire our professional plumbers to solve your plumbing woes and enjoy free protection coverage for damage and theft.