3 Tips To Properly Wash Your Towels

Towels can be a breeding ground for germs and other gross microorganisms! However, we still tend to wash our towels less than the recommended frequency and may oversee washing it properly! If you are guilty of this don’t worry, find out the 3 recommended ways to wash your towel.

Wash towels frequently

Your towel is a breeding ground for germs due to how absorbent it is. Germs from your body can be easily transferred to your towel and if your towel is placed in the bathroom it can cause even more germs to latch on. This vicious cycle can go on and cause more and more germs to build-up over time, therefore, the recommended frequency to wash your towel is 1-3 days, but if you have good ventilation you can keep your towels fresh at least once a week, pay close attention to the smell as a foul odour could be a sign of mildew.

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Wash clothes and towels separately 

Due to its absorbent nature, towels can absorb colours easily and trap clothing inside making your wash less effective. Another reason to consider washing towels separately is the transfer of germs to your clothes. If you have used your towel daily that means more germs have been accumulated and more germs are able to transfer to your clothes. If you need help our laundry service experts are able to assist you.

Customise Your Wash 

Too much soap can damage your towels and de-fluff them! Which is never great when it comes to your towels, separating your load can really help you to ensure that your towels are given the right amount of TLC. Using half the amount of detergent will keep your towels tender and longer-lasting. To give them more of care wash them in temperatures of 60°C and above to ensure bacteria and fungi are killed.

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