3 things your pipes are trying to tell you!

Plumbing system provides water throughout your home for bathing, cooking and waste disposal. However, you may become too conscious of your plumbing when they start leaking or making unusual noises. Here are 3 things your pipes are trying to tell you.

That sound is not normal 

There are many small components in your plumbing system in order to make the faucets and valves work normally. If a small component wears out, you might hear a whistling or squealing noise when that section of plumbing is used. On the other hand, if you notice banging noises in the pipes, it probably indicates something wrong with water pressure or water flow.

Any noises from your pipes can arise for several reasons and also indicate serious plumbing issues, so you may need a trained expert to diagnose and resolve your problem.

Drip, drop, I need help 

Incorrect water pressure can not only cause unusual noises, it can even cause leaks and cause your pipes to burst in extreme cases! If too much water is forced through the pipes too fast at the highest pressure level, it can crack your pipes quickly and fixing them can be more expensive. A leaky pipe can put your health at risk and increase your water bills. Therefore, be sure you call an expert to examine your water pressure and make any adjustments for your pipes immediately once you suspect your plumbing is faulty. 

That smell is not normal 

One of the common home woes can be pipe odour coming from your kitchen. Even though you have cleaned your sinks everyday, mouldy and smelly pipes can occur at any time, especially when the weather is rainy or very hot. The food scraps that are thrown into the drain are the main cause of bad odours and clogged pipes.

It is essential to apply a drain trap so that it can filter those little bits of food particles that come off your plates. A quick hack to eliminate pipe odour is using baking soda and white vinegar as these two natural ingredients can help eliminate grease, dirt and mould effectively.

Don’t ignore any bad signs of your plumbing; they don’t repair themselves. If you need help with plumbing repair during this lockdown, book our trusted experts to address your problems right away and you can enjoy free insurance coverage for damage and theft. You also can opt for our online video plumbing inspection services at only PHP 30 and you will receive a video inspection.