3 things you need to know about termites!

Termites are often unseen pests, but they can actually cause serious damage before you notice them, so neglecting them is a bad idea. Here are 3 things you need to know more about termites:

Termites can cause health problems 

Even though termites may not have an immediate threat to us, but they do have a negative impact on our health. Most termites tend to reside in a dark environment as it is an ideal place for breeding mould too. So when termites chew or crawl through wood, mould is dispersed and can travel in the air, making it easier to inhale.

Mould can cause us allergic reactions, asthma or respiratory illnesses. Therefore, be sure you book an expert to diagnose and resolve your pesky problem to prevent getting sick from these nasty termites.

Termites are “silent destroyer” for you home

One of the most obvious problems for your home is structural integrity. Once the termites have caused considerable damage to the foundations, beams of your home, the solid wood structure will turn brittle and put your safety at risk! In addition to this, termites that bite your electrical wiring or cables can also cause a short circuit as well.

Don’t let these termites become a weapon in your home! You can hire our Gawin termites treatment services to get rid of these creatures.

Prevention is needed

There is no shortcut way to deter termites completely from your home, but you can take prevention in order to minimize the risk. Termites need water to thrive so they are always attracted by leaking water pipes or rotting wood. For example, you can put vinegar or orange oil on the wood as it may dissuade termites from approaching the wood more effectively.

However, prevention is not the same as elimination. We recommend booking our trusted experts to provide you with professional termite treatment service. 

Termites can be a nightmare for homeowners. But fret not! You can book our termite treatment service now and our expert will come to you to address your pest problem! Book now and be entitled to a reservice if the service below satisfactory.