3 Things You Need To Do When Your Fridge Is Broken

The basic reason for having a fridge is to keep food fresh and help slow down the growth of bacteria on our goods. So when your fridge breaks you might be wondering what are some of the immediate things you should do to prevent further damage to your fridge and food. Here are 3 things you need to do when your fridge is broken. 

Maintain low fridge temperature 

If your fridge and freezer are two separate units, you can place your items in your freezer or fridge vice versa. If it is one unit you can insert all your fridge items into the freezer and close the door immediately to keep your unit cool. Another option can be adding ice packs to the fridge to keep your perishable food cool temporarily. 

But do try to separate your items as cross-contamination can make you sick. However, it is not recommended to refreeze your thaw vegetables and meat so please do inspect thoroughly.

Try to keep low temperature in your kitchen too

In addition to your fridge, you also need to keep the temperature in your kitchen as moderate to low as possible.This is because when you start using the stove to cook, your kitchen will get warmer and this will affect the temperature inside your fridge as well. 

Call experts to fix your broken fridge

One of the common causes of a broken fridge could be a burned circuit board, repairing a fridge by yourself can put you at risk if not done properly, that is the main reason why we suggest hiring a professionally trained technician to get it done for you. The faster you hire a technician, the faster your fridge will be back to normal. 

Book our fridge repair services now if you suspect your fridge is faulty, our experts will be on the way to diagnose and resolve your woes! If you need groceries delivered to restock your fridge, book Gawin Pasabuy Grocery service to deliver your favourite food, grocery needs or medical supplies during the lockdown!