3 Things You Are Doing That Is Damaging Your Aircon Badly!

The aircon is easily one of the most used electronic appliances in the house and is honestly pretty hard to picture our daily lives without it. To ensure that the aircon is working at its optimum we need to ensure we take care of it and avoid causing more damage. Here are 3 things you might be doing that is damaging your aircon.


1. Not cleaning it often enough


Leaving your aircon uncleaned for an extended period of time can not only bring harm to the aircond but it can also harm you. The AC filters help trap and prevent dust particles from being circulated around your home. When the filter is filled with dust buildup, it stops working effectively and will blow out dusty air.

Over time, the dust buildup can cause the filter to clog and lead to more serious malfunctions. Experts recommend getting your aircond cleaned twice a year, if you need help cleaning your aircond, book our trusted professionals and enjoy fresh and clean air.

2. Leaving it to run when you’re away


Leaving your aircon running all day is such a waste of electricity. Moreover, it damages your aircond unit and decreases its efficiency. Your aircon should be turned off whenever you are away from home. 

Leaving your aircon on for long hours puts lots of stress on the unit and can in the long run cause damage. Most aircon’s will only take a few minutes to cool the house down, so there is no need to leave the unit on for such a long time.

3. Neglecting maintenance

Aircons like many other things wear and tear, some of which are too small to notice any problems. Scheduling a service once in a while to have your AC components checked can do you wonders and save your AC from facing major problems.

Stop ignoring these small problems and get your AC serviced from time to time with the help of our professionals. Book our Essential Services now and enjoy great benefits!