3 Things That Are Ruining Your Plumbing System

We can’t help but sometimes push our plumbing systems to the limit, oblivious to the actual damage we are causing! But fret not we are here to help you find out the 3 practices that you may be doing that is ruining your plumbing system.

Pouring Down Grease 

Grease may seem harmless in its liquid form but over time grease coagulates inside your drain and the food remnants thrown down may add on to the clog making it even worse. Due to the stickiness of the grease using a  plunger in hopes to de-clog your drain may not be the right solution.

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Throwing Garbage Down 

Your toilet bowl is not a magical place where items magically disappear, therefore being more cautious with what is thrown is essential to ensure a good system. Items like kitty litter, or baby wipes can seriously clog your drain pipes due to the fact they do not disintegrate and over time the more you throw down, the more clogged it becomes.

Not Getting It Done Professionally 

Sometimes doing by yourself can lead to more problems due to lack of experience and not utilising the proper parts or tools, this can affect the durability of your plumbing system and cause more damages. Professional plumbers will be able to give you a diagnosis and also help you fix it to the best of their ability to extend the lifespan of your plumbing system.

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