3 Simple and Quick Hair Braids

The summer is the perfect time to learn new ways to keep your hair off your face. It doesn’t have to be difficult! Here are three I could find.

The Braided Half Ponytail

Photo Credit: newswiretalk.wordpress.com

     This is probably one of the more popular braided hairstyles out there, and it’s primarily because it’s very easy to do. Just unevenly split your hair in two, and start braiding the half with more hair from the top (roots) going down. Pin this braid to the back of your head using a hair pin, then proceed gather the hair on the other side and insert it behind the braid, creating a chic, asymmetrical look.

The “Birdy Braid”

Photo Credit: newswiretalk.wordpress.com

If you want to put all of your hair in a braid to make it look neater, this style is fit for you. First, you gather a few strands of hair from both sides of your face (kind of like a half ponytail, without the middle section), and tie them together with an elastic band. Then, you “flip” this over by tucking in the strands inside. the two original strands. You then proceed to dividing the lower section of your hair into three, braiding each section, and then finally braiding all three smaller braids together to create one bigger braid. This style is perfect for casual days out – pair it up with a dress or pants and a blouse, and you’re good to go!

The Hippie Braid

Photo Credit: barefootblonde.com

Great even for those with short hair, the hippie braid is a simple, funky way to style up your hair. You first get a lock of hair on one side, and then braid that. After which, you get another lock of hair nearer to the front of your face, take it to the back of your head, and then gather other strands at the back of your head to create a new braid there. Not only do you keep your face free from hair that might bother you, you also come up with a classic braided look perfect for any occasion (and hair length!).

Not quite your taste? You can browse through pinterest for more braided hairstyle pegs, or you can check in with Gawin’s trusted hair stylists for their personalized recommendation that matches your sense of style. These guys are veterans in this area, and if you’re looking for a more complicated braid (for a wedding, or formal party, perhaps), our hairstylists are surely able to give you the hairstyle you’ve been dying to have.