3 Signs Your Fridge Needs A Repair

Your fridge is one of the most important appliances to keep your vegetables, poultry or other perishable items fresh. Most homeowners always assume that as long as their fridge is still providing cold air, it indicates there is nothing faulty within their fridge system, but if you are unsure here are three signs your fridge needs a repair to avoid serious damage. 

Ongoing Unusual Noises

In fact, low humming noises are normal for your fridge to make, but once it starts making loud or strange tapping noises, it is most likely due to any component of your fridge being loose or needs to be replaced or tightened. In this case, you can attempt to unplug the fridge to eliminate noises. If the noises continue, then it’s time you should get yourself a professionally trained expert to diagnose and resolve your problem. 

Water & Condensation 

If your fridge is constantly sweating, it’s probably indicating condensation. Condensation will develop mould inside your fridge, which can cross-contaminate to your food and potentially make your family sick. In addition to that, if there is a leak in the water supply lines, it can also lead to water accumulating around your fridge. 

Water leakage can attract disgusting pests like cockroaches, but don’t panic our experts are here to help. Book our Refrigerator Repair service to sort out your woes and keep your home dry. 

Food Is Spoiling Prematurely

One of the common signs that you need to repair your fridge is your fridge failing to maintain its temperature. Therefore, if your fridge is unable to keep itself cold enough, your food will begin going bad before its expiration date. The ideal temperature to keep your food cold and safe is about 37 degrees in the fridge and 0 degrees in the freezer. If lowering the thermostat is still unable to change the temperature, we recommend booking our experts to examine and address your issues. 

Once your fridge is showing any of these signs, then it may be time for proper maintenance. If you need expert help, book our Refrigerator Repair service and our experts will get it done for you. You will receive up to 5 quotes from our vendors and can request a reservice if the service is below your expectation. Book now!