3 Signs That Your Aircon Is Up to No Good

Aircon is an indispensable appliance in every home, it always keeps us cool and comfortable during the hot climates. However, you may be ignoring when your aircon starts making odd noises or emitting bad odours. Here are 3 signs that your aircon might need repair:

That sound is not normal

Generally, your aircon should operate fairly quietly. Once you notice there are strange noises coming from your aircon, from banging, buzzing to hissing sounds, it indicates that there are small components wearing out within your aircon system and needs proper maintenance or a compressor replacement. 

Neglecting the suspicious noises from your aircon could turn minor issues into major expenses. Therefore, the sooner you hire an expert to detect and resolve these irritating noises, the better for your aircon system.

Blowing hot air inconsistently

Unusual Sounds

One of the common signs is your aircon starts blowing hot air, which may indicate a refrigerant leak. The function of the refrigerant is to absorb or remove heat from the cooling chamber. A refrigerant leak is a serious problem as it can put your health at risk and cause respiratory system damage such as Chronic Bronchitis.

We recommend booking our Gawin aircon service immediately once you’re facing this issue to prevent getting sick from the aircon.

Emitting bad odours

An unpleasant and pungent smell may indicate the wire insulation in your aircon system is burned and needs to be replaced. Another cause of the bad odour is your aircon starts developing layers of mould or dirty cooling coils, so your aircon will come out smelling musty and this can negatively impact your health if you keep breathing in bad odours. 

You can hire our professionally trained experts to repair and clean your aircon in order to eliminate the odour effectively. 

Getting your aircon cleaned periodically can keep your aircon in good condition. Also, book our aircon repair service and let our experts sort out your aircon problem! Book now at fixed prices and you can request for reservice if the service is below your expectation.