3 Reasons Why Your Pipe Water Is Rusty

Rust in water is something most homes are familiar with, the reddish-brown appearance and the bad odour is not a great way to start your day. But have you ever wondered why this might happen? Here are 3 reasons why your pipe water is rusty.


Sediment build-up




Over time, minerals, sediment and rust will combine with accumulated dirt within the plumbing system and will remain at the bottom of the pipes so they don’t come out the tap. However, sediment can be affected by changes in pressure, leading to the discharge of rusty water.

Attempting to run the faucet for an extended time will not “flush out” the sediment effectively, therefore, we recommend booking our professional expert to inspect your problem.


Your pipes are old




One of the common causes of rusty water is old plumbing systems. The rust is most likely coming from old galvanized pipes. For example, if the discoloration is there every time when the faucet is running or present whenever hot water is used, you probably need to replace your pipes.

Generally, pipes are hidden behind walls, floors or ceilings and working with pipes can put you at risk if not done properly. So getting yourself a professional to install a new pipe to ensure your safety is highly recommended.


Municipal maintenance and water line issues




If there is municipal water line maintenance in your area, then it can cause rusty water too. For example, when the utility workers are flushing water hydrants for their projects which may shake up the sediment of iron deposits in the pipes, in turn, the water becomes contaminated with colour.

It is recommended you don’t use the pipes for at least two hours. After that, you can run your cold water for a few minutes to ensure the coloured water is clear.

Even though rusty water isn’t harmful to drink, it actually indicates major problems in your plumbing system. But fret not! You can book our plumbing services and our experts will come to you! Book now and you can get up to 5 quotes from our verified service providers.