3 reasons why your aircon is blowing hot air?

Your aircon not keeping you cool in this heat? It’s probably time to get a professional to help. Here are 3 reasons why your ac is blowing hot air. 

1.Clogged air filter 

It is essential to have these air filters cleaned as dust and dirt around the air tend to float and end up getting stuck into your air filter. Once your air filter is full of dust and dirt, it will minimise the amount of air blowing out making it less cold. 

2.Low on refrigerant

Refrigerant is the substance that flows through your aircon system to remove heat from the cooling chamber. Once your aircon system is low on refrigerant, more heat will be trapped in the cooling chamber, meaning that it is harder to deliver the cool air into your home. Therefore, if you are still facing warm air, you could have a refrigerant leak issue that needs to be looked into. 

3.Listen for a bad compressor 

The compressor is basically the heart of the aircon unit, it is responsible for compressing the refrigerant gas from low to high pressure and delivering it to the condenser, which then turns the gas into liquid form. To detect if your issues are due to the compressor, you can listen to your aircon unit when it turns on. If you hear any clicking or ticking noise, that could be a sign that your compressor is in trouble. 

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