3 reasons why getting goods delivered is way better

Due to the lockdown in the Philippines, everyone is required to stay indoors and only leave the house for important matters only. But fret not! Here GawinxSM offers you Pasabuy Grocery which can help deliver the goods you need while still keeping you safe during this partial lockdown period.

Skip the queue and crowds

Coronavirus can easily be transmitted through close contact with other individuals, the key to protecting ourselves in public is to be mindful of social distancing protocol. Certain supermarkets are controlling the number of people who are allowed to be inside the grocery store at any given time. 

You’re then required to keep a distance from anyone while queuing up patiently outside. In this situation, you will take up a chunk of your time for purchasing groceries which you could have done online. So save your time and energy and get goods delivered to you.

Don’t put yourself at potential risk

Germs and viruses have been spreading rapidly and can find it’s way to you if you don’t take necessary precautions. The CDC found that Coronavirus can stay on hard surfaces for up to several days! This can include the basket handles, shipping carts or storage racks. Grocery delivery service will minimise the contact between you and these surfaces as well as other individuals. 

Protect your elderly loved ones 

Older adults with underlying health conditions are more susceptible to Coronavirus, therefore, you need to take extra protection if you have elderly parents at home, and one of the ways you can do that is by staying home and ensuring they have their meds, ensure they are eating healthy food and are not going out unnecessarily. If you are worried about having enough goods for you and your loved ones you can book our Pasabuy Grocery service and we will deliver the goods to you.  

Good news, Gawin Pasabuy Grocery is collaborating with SM Sta.Mesa, SM San Lazaro and SM Manila! Stay safe at home and let our experts deliver your needs to your doorstep. No matter if it’s your favourite food, grocery needs or medical supplies, we’ve got you covered!