3 reasons cockroaches love your home!

When there is a disgusting black cockroach moving and skittering across your floor, countertops or bathroom sink, it can truly make you fretful. In fact, cockroaches are extremely resilient pests that negatively impact your immune system. Even though your home looks tidy and clean, you might still provide several conditions that make cockroaches fall in love with your home. Here’s how:

Leaky pipes and moist areas at home

Cockroaches need water to survive, and sometimes they wander your home to quest for water. Hence, leaky pipes, faucets or basements are ideal environments for roaches as they are equipped with good shelter conditions which are dark and moist. 

We highly recommend booking our Plumbing Repair service immediately once you notice your pipe is leaking in order to avoid a damp situation at your home.

Not cleaning your home thoroughly

Even though we mop the floor by using the disinfectant on a regular basis, sometimes we might overlook the places most favoured by roaches such as beneath the fridge, stove knobs and other hidden areas. For example, grease splatters or drippings onto the stoves and ovens might be inviting cockroaches to your kitchen! Cockroaches carry a range of diseases-bacteria including Salmonella which can lead to food poisoning, diarrhoea and other symptoms. 

One of the effective ways to get rid of these nasty creatures is cleaning every home area thoroughly every week. Also, you can book our Cockroach Pest Control service to get expert help. 

Overgrown outdoor spaces

If you don’t weed your garden periodically, you might be harbouring more cockroaches than you know in your yard! Typically, all the roaches are thirsty creatures, therefore, the flower pots in the yard can keep them hydrated. Besides weeding your garden, you can hire our good-rating pest control experts to do preventive measures and proper extermination to eliminate the cockroaches effectively.

Once the cockroaches have invaded your home it can be hard to perish them. It is recommended to book our General Pest Control service to inspect and address the cockroaches, termites or other crawling insects woes in order to provide you a pest-free place. Book now at fixed prices and you can request for reservice if you are not satisfied with the service.