3 Must-Know Laundry Facts You Should Know

We know the Coronavirus can live on hard surfaces like doorknobs, countertops, and walls, but it can also stay on softer surfaces like clothes, blankets, pillows sheets, towels and other fabrics. According to WHO, the researchers estimate that the Coronavirus can infect surfaces for a few hours or up to several days. Therefore, a prompt and proper clothes laundering is important and essential.

Clothes Can Spread Virus 

While washing your hands remains the most effective method, there are other tips we can all take to reduce the risk of the Coronavirus spreading further. You can add some detergent on your clothes and choose the hottest temperature water during the wash cycle to kill the virus. However, do avoid shaking your clothes before you put them in your washing machine because this action may disperse the virus and germs into the air! Often sanitizing your washing machine doors, buttons and laundry baskets will give extra protection to prevent the spreading of harmful microorganisms. 

Your Bed Is Gross

In addition to the clothes, your bed sheets and pillowcases can be a hot-bed for breeding germs and viruses as well. The experts recommend you to wash them at least every other week, but weekly is ideal. Otherwise, you will sleep with dead skin cells, oils, sweats, body fluids and other microorganisms and may develop an allergy, or even a lowered immune system. Most of the sheets can be washed by machine, but don’t wash them with your clothes as it might damage your sheets or pillowcases to become fuzzy. If you want to use a natural way to brighten white sheets, add a quarter of a cup of lemon juice while washing.

Hiring Experts Reduce The Risk Of Damaged Fabric! 

Besides washing clothes and sheets by yourself, you can always book professional laundry services as the professionals understand how to deal with specific kinds of fabrics. Also, they exactly know what detergent is suitable with what type of garments and provide a huge place for drying your clothes, sheets, blankets and others. 

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