3 Most Dangerous Electrical Hazards In Your Home

We couldn’t live without electricity as it keeps our lights on and the food in the refrigerator cold. But most people don’t really consider what goes on in the walls and wires of their home and if not looked after can potentially cause electrical hazards. Here are three potentially dangerous electrical hazards that can threaten your safety:

Incorrect extension cord use

Well, an extension cord could bring convenience such as help you to gain some extra power in and outside your home. Though convenient, if you use the extension cord improperly, it could be putting your family’s safety at risk! For example, if you often power multiple appliances with one cord, it can increase the possibility of electricity tripping or other safety hazards due to the overloading.

Hence, do avoid applying multi-adaptors with too many appliances at the same time. If you suspect anything faulty with your electricity, you can hire our experienced experts to inspect your problem.

Pests chewing your home wiring

Rodents like rats have access to voids between your walls, floors and ceilings and are able to easily cause severe damage to your wiring! This is because the teeth of these nasty rodents are much like human fingernails and these rodents love to gnaw cabling and wires. 

Once the electrical wiring is chewed by rodents it can cause intensely dangerous consequences such as circuit breaker trips. So be sure you book Gawin Electricity Wiring service to sort out your problem immediately. Also, if you are facing pests problems, you can opt for our General Pest Control service to address your issues by inspecting and also providing preventive measures.

Outdated and defective wiring

Worn and damaged electrical wires can increase any electrical accidents, and has the potential to result in fire hazards and power surges. Over time, your home electrical wiring will degrade and may not meet current safety standards. We recommended booking our qualified electrician to examine your electrical wiring regularly and replace a new one to ensure your wiring is safe.

Working with electrical wiring can be dangerous and fatal. But fret not! Book our Electricity Wiring Repair service now and our experts will come to you to resolve your problems and ensure you can stay in a safer environment. Use promo code FORECAST200 to enjoy up to 30% OFF and you’ll be entitled to a reservice if the service is below satisfactory. Book now!