3 Leaks You Need To Look Out For!

Water leaks are one of the most dreaded and damaging household problems anyone can encounter. To prevent costly damages around the house, here are the 3 types of leaks you need to look out for.


1. Leaky pipes



Having a leaking pipe is like having a hole in your wallet, not only is water being wasted but your money too. Failing to identify or locating the leaking pipe is one way to rack up your water bill, not to forget it can also cause water damages and stains around the area.

It is advised to take immediate actions to prevent the cause of damages around your house. If you have a leaky pipe at home, hire our professional plumbers to get your leaky pipes and other plumbing woes fixed.


2. Leaky AC



The first thing you have to do if your AC unit is leaking is to turn off the thermostat to prevent any further damages. What is the cause of a leaking AC? The answer is not as straightforward as you think, it could be a clogged condensate drain line, damaged drain pan, dirty air filter and more. 

An average person won’t be able to tell you the cause just by looking at the exterior of the AC unit. Instead, get our trusted professionals to check your AC components and have repair works done to ensure your AC is in optimum condition.


3. Leaky roof


Rainy days are already gloomy enough, combine that with a leaky roof and you got the perfect recipe for a horrible day. A leaking roof causes numerous damages around the house and can ruin your flooring or furniture pieces. 

The easiest sign to spot a leaking roof is water stains on the ceiling. Spotting a roof leak is easy but identifying the source of the leak is like finding a needle in a haystack. It’s best to identify the source of the leaks and repair them as soon as possible by hiring our professionals. Book roof repair service and have your damaged roof fixed or replaced to prevent leaks on a rainy day. 

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