3 Laundry Mistakes You Need To Avoid

If you have ever been required to do laundry you are probably guilty of having made 1 or more laundry mistakes that have caused you an outfit or two, but the good thing about mistakes is that you can always learn from them, however, if you find yourself a little worried about carrying out laundry fret not, we have 3 laundry mistakes you need to avoid. 

Not unbuttoning shirts before placing in the wash

We are all guilty of just chucking our garments in the wash without realising that it may not be the best way to handle buttoned tops. Sure you get to preserve the shape to make folding a lot easier, but it can also damage your clothes by loosening threads and stretching out buttonholes, so the next time you decide to do laundry, make sure to unbutton your button-ups.

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Ignoring the labels 

If your shirt clearly states dry clean only, it’s not really a suggestion but more of a must-do. You can damage your outfits such as suede and leather if you choose to opt for general washing. Washing machine wash can change the texture of your clothes and damage it as these items require extra care.

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Washing everything together 

Yes, this might be the easier alternative to making twice the effort to do your washing, however, it may cause you to damage more than one item in your washing machine resulting in spending money on something you could have already had if you had taken the precautions to wash accordingly.  The thing about colour running is that it does not pick a favourite so every garment is at risk, therefore, separating your wash based on dark and light tones can help reduce colour transmission.

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