3 Kitchen Cleaning Hacks Using 3 Household Ingredients

Cooking is fun, you get to try out new recipes, cook like a MasterChef and the most rewarding part. EATING! After enjoying such an amazing meal comes the most dreaded part which is obviously cleaning up. The greasy pans, the sticky plates, the dirty kitchen stoves are a nightmare.

Cleaning up can be very stressful, tiring and time-consuming, especially with that burn stain you can’t get rid of. To save stress and time, we have come up with a list of cleaning hacks that can make cleaning up less dreadful.

 1. Clean burnt pans with baking soda and vinegar


Let’s admit that not all of us are MasterChef’s at home, from time to time we do accidentally burn our food. The burnt food isn’t the only frustrating part, don’t forget that stubborn burnt stain that doesn’t want to come off the pan. Scrubbing the stain for an hour can work but it isn’t the most effective and best way to get rid of the stain.

The simple equation of baking soda and vinegar equals a squeaky clean pan. Just take the burnt pan, fill it up with 1 cup of water and 1 cup of vinegar then bring it to a boil. After it boils, remove it from heat and add 2 tablespoons of baking soda into the mixture. The baking soda will start to fizz due to the chemical reaction, when the mixture stops fizzing, empty the pan and start scrubbing with a sponge.

If there are still stubborn stains on the pan, add more baking soda to the stained area and scrub with a sponge. Rinse the pan with water and you will now have a squeaky clean pan.

2. Use lemons to clean microwave

Microwaves are such lifesavers, they help save us so much time, we hardly even think about the cleanliness of the microwaves.

Doubting the cleanliness of your microwave already? Follow these easy steps to ensure your microwave is in tip-top condition. All you need is a microwave-safe bowl, a lemon, water, and a clean towel. First, put half a cup of water into the bowl. Slice the lemon into half and squeeze the juice into the bowls and then place both halves of the lemon into the bowl.

Place the bowl in the microwave, crank it up to high power for three minutes to let the water boil. After the three minutes, let the bowl and water sit in the microwave for another five minutes. This allows the steam trapped inside to loosen the food gunk.

After five minutes of waiting, you can now give the inside of the microwave a wipe from top to bottom. If there are any stubborn stains, dip the towel into the lemon water mixture and wipe the stains away. Do remember to give your microwave a clean every now and then, you don’t want to be microwaving your food in a dirty microwave.

If you need an extra pair of hands with cleaning around the house, hire our trusted cleaners to help make your home spotless.

3. Get rid of sink odour using lemons and vinegar

Is there a smell in your sink that you can’t seem to get rid of? It’s probably all the gross stuff going down the drain and it’s starting to stink up your sink. Here’s a home remedy you should try instead. 

All you need is hot water, baking soda, and lemon juice. First, boil a cup of water and pour it down the drainage system. Take a cup of baking soda and slowly it pour it down the pipes. To finish this cleaning process, squeeze juice from a lemon into the drain and allow it to fizz.

After the fizzing is done, you will no longer have a gross smelling sink anymore. Remember to do this monthly to prevent your sink from smelling. If your sink is still giving out a freakish smell, you better get a professional plumber to get that checked.