3 Items You Should Standby At Home This Lockdown

As the Coronavirus spreads globally, everyone is being advised to stay at home and only go out for important matters. Hence, having basic essentials on hand like food, cleaning supplies, health products is important. Here are 3 items you should standby at home this lockdown:

Canned foods

Most people are required to work remotely during this lockdown period, so having accessible food at home is ideal. Canned food is more durable and has a longer shelf life which means no frequent grocery run required. There are many good canned foods options available in grocery stores such as tuna, mushroom, fruits and many more.

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Alcohol-based cleaning products

Experts found that Coronavirus can live on metal, plastic or glass for several hours, or even a day! The high-touched surfaces in your home which included brass doorknobs, countertops or glass dining table can be contaminated with viruses easily. A quick hack to eliminate the viruses or nasty germs effectively is using the cleaning products with at least 70% alcohol to wipe these surfaces on a daily basis.

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Medical Supplies 

Maintaining health is always vital, but even more in the midst of the Coronavirus outbreak. If your elderly parents have underlying health conditions, be sure you have enough medical supplies at home. In addition to that, you can make online purchases for health supplements to keep your immune system healthy.and reduce the risk of infections. Let our riders deliver you health products or medicines to ensure your safety. 

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