3 Home Items You Need To Clean More Often

With all the items that complete our home, we as humans have the tendency to forget to clean items as often as we should, but fret not we are to help! Here are 3 items you need to clean more often and why.

Kitchen Sink 

The kitchen sink is one of the grossest items in your home! Research has proven that there are more than 100,000 bacteria per square centimetre in your sink. Yuck, including salmonella and E.Coli. This is a serious issue especially if your food prepping station is near to your dirty sink which can put you at high risk of food contamination. The recommended cleaning time is daily to ensure now food is left behind to breed germs.

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Everyone owns one, guaranteed but did you know that your towels are filled with harmful bacteria and germs? This is because of how damp and absorbent they are which causes it to be an ideal breeding ground for germs and microorganism. When you wipe down using your towel you are transferring your germs onto it and if your towel is placed in the washroom more germs are able to find its way to it. The recommended cleaning time for towels is every 1-3 days.

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Bath Mats

This is a tricky one, they often look clean and we are not utilising them 24/7 so we may assume, it can’t be that bad right. However, if you are a frequent showerer your carpet can potentially be breeding ground for germs and mould due to its damp nature. The recommended cleaning time for frequent showerers are weekly, but if you have a rubber mat 3-4 weeks is recommended due to its more delicate nature towards frequent washing.

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