3 Goods You Can Get Delivered To Your Home

Dragging yourself to the grocery store during this global pandemic outbreak period has to be one of the most stressful and dangerous tasks as certain supermarkets are controlling the number of people who are allowed to be inside the grocery store at any given time. We hear you loud and clear! That is why we offer Pasabuy Grocery which can help you get groceries delivered to your home during this crucial period. 

Get the food from your favourite restaurant

Since many restaurants are open for takeaway only due to the Coronavirus outbreak, it is easy to get frustrated spending a chunk of your time on purchasing the food from your favourite restaurants. Besides that, you can put yourself at risk while queuing for your food with the crowd. 

But fret not! This is why we come to you to reduce your risk of infection. With Pasabuy Groceries service, you can order your cravings and wait for it at home. 

Restock your groceries need

Coronavirus can not only be transmitted through close contact with other individuals, but it can also stay on the surfaces of basket handles, shipping carts or storage racks for several hours. Sit back and relax at home! Our experts will assist you to restock your grocery needs whether it’s raw meat or poultry, instant noodles, can foods or any other goods. 

Deliver your medical supplies

If your elderly parents have underlying health conditions, you need to take extra protection for them. That’s why we recommend you to stay safe at home and ensure they have enough medical supplies. In addition to this, you can make online purchases for health supplements for yourself or your kids to boost your immune system in order to reduce the risk of infections during this global pandemic outbreak. Your health is our first priority! Let our riders deliver you any of your medical supplies to ensure your safety. 

Gawin Pasabuy Grocery is collaborating with SM Sta.Mesa, SM San Lazaro and SM Manila! Let us help you with our high-quality delivery services from your favourite SM mall during the lockdown period. Book now