3 Donation Drives You Can Help During Covid-19

Many of us are concerned with the recent Corona outbreak that has swept the world. We are all trying to do our best to be good samaritans by socially distancing ourselves, ensuring we sanitize our hands and wear a face mask when we are sick. Besides all these good things you’re doing to keep safe, you might want to consider also donating during this crucial period. Here are 3 donation drives you can donate to. 

1. DoNation Drive


The drive launched by actress Mainee Mendoza is to help to raise funds to help workers affected by the quarantine, which has made it harder for them to be able to work.The fund donates Php 1,000 to each household to help with groceries and other essentials during this crucial period. If you want to make a significant change in the lives of many impacted by the Covid-19 you can donate at www.thedonationdrive.wordpress.com .

2. Cloudeats

If you are looking for another way to donate besides money and medical needs, you can opt for something like Cloudeats. Cloudeats is a drive that will distribute cooked food to hospital workers or other front-liners. You can donate starting from P648 for 10 servings of cooked food up until P64,800 for 1000 servings of cooked food. Visit cloudeats.ph  to make your donation. 

3. Unicef

Unlike other Donation Drives, Unicef provides a choice to donate money on a monthly basis or  one-time donations. The donations will be distributed to support the Department of Health for medical supplies and health facilities. The donation can be accessed through donate.unicef.ph/campaign/covid19

It is important we all do what we can to ensure that we stop the current pandemic from spreading and help those that need it the most.