3 Common Plumbing Problems We All Face

Have you been dealing with plumbing woes, don’t worry you’re not alone. Most households are no strangers to leaks and damp walls. With the frequency of using pipes at home, it’s no wonder certain plumbing issues are hard to avoid! But don’t worry find out the 3 most common plumbing problems and how they occur.
Slow Draining Sink

If you are innocently washing your dishes and start noticing rapid water built-up, yet the water goes down but very slowly, this common issue you have is called a slow draining sink. This problem occurs due to blockages restricting water from flowing. Slow sinking kitchen sinks are usually caused by food remnants, fats and oil. If you notice this issue in the bathroom sink then it is usually caused by hair or soap.

This issue usually requires a quick fix with a plunger or you may consider the baking soda and vinegar method to help unclog your drain but if you find yourself still not able to solve your plumbing woes our plumbing experts can help you with.

Leaky Taps

Leaky taps occur once the internal washer is torn or worn or has been dislodged over time. This can lead to water dripping automatically and causing you water wastage of up to hundreds of gallons in just a year, this issue will require some professional help to ensure the issue is identified correctly and resolved accordingly.
The dripping sound from a leaky tap is all too familiar, we’ve all been there but doesn’t mean we have to stay there. Get your pipes fixed with the help our plumbing repair service and receive up to 5 quotes today.

Low Water Pressure

No one likes dealing with low water pressure but the common occurrence does happen when pipes are corroded, worn or broken. This is a common occurrence in older homes and should be identified by a professional. Professional plumbers will be able to inspect and give you an accurate diagnosis as well as resolve your issues in a timely manner due to their expertise.

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