10 Tips to Plan the Best Christmas Party Ever

Preparing for a Christmas party is definitely no easy feat, especially if it’s your first time. Whether you’re hosting one for the extended family or for your office, you can count on the fact that it might take weeks to get everything (and everyone) together for an amazing night to remember. When in doubt, refer to this checklist of things you’ll need to start planning!

Christmas Party Theme Ideas

masquerade themed Christmas partyPhoto credit: cdn.eventa.co.uk

From white and snowy Winter Wonderland, to a Christmas Masquerade Ball, there are many Christmas party themes you can choose from! You can go all out and decorate the entire venue in white, complete with paper snowflake cutouts, or perhaps decorate the hall in glitter, gold and yellow for a blended Christmas-masquerade feel.


christmas party venue Photo credit: plazaballroom.com.au

Prepare the necessary logistics ahead of time for your event – tables, chairs, the stage, the venue and lights. Depending on your budget and how many attendees you’re planning to have, scout and plan accordingly. Round tables are ideal for parties and get-togethers. Likewise, make sure to find a venue that fits your needs (dance floor, enough space for attendees, etc).

In most cases, the venue already provides for lights and LCD projectors, but double check just to be sure should you need to rent an external provider. Make sure as well to scout first and compare rates before settling for a logistics rental company!  


christmas party invitation Photo credit: alibaba.com

Pattern your invitations after your theme! Make sure as well to distribute these at least 2-3 weeks before the event so your guests can calendar the party in. Remember – you’re competing with other Christmas parties that might be scheduled on the same day! Insert a map to the venue too and contact details in your invitations.

Decoration and Supplies

christmas party decorations Photo credit: hizonscatering.com

Complement your party theme with decorations and party supplies! This can include color-coordinated balloons, streamers, centerpieces, wall hangings, party favors (like hats, if you want to be quirky), the cutlery and even the tablecloths.

Food and Drinks

christmas beverages Photo credit: trendymods.com

A Christmas party isn’t complete without food and drinks, of course! Serve food from a wide range of choices, from your Christmas favorites like Christmas ham and queso de bola, to less mainstream Christmas food like sweet spaghetti, fruit salad and buko pandan. Don’t forget to serve drinks too for a memorable night!

Program and Games

christmas party games Photo credit: balay.ph

Christmas parties are a good way to bond with the people you’re with, whether they’re your family or your officemates. You can include dance numbers, singing performances, and a whole lot of games like Bring Me and Pinoy Henyo. You can also do Kris Kringle here too!


Christmas party DJ Photo credit: normanokdj.com

Create a two-hour long playlist of favorite Christmas songs and those that fit your theme and program. This includes White Christmas, Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, Do You Hear What I Hear, Jingle Bell Rock and more! You can search for playlists too online if you want to be a bit more efficient. If your budget permits, you can hire a live band or a DJ instead!


microphone for hosting Photo credit: thegroomslist.com

Bump up the fun on the night of your Christmas party with hilarious and entertaining hosts! 1-2 hosts should be good, so long as you provide them with the program flow and general script beforehand.


Christmas party photo booth Photo credit: pinterest.com

Get your favorite Christmas party memories on photo and video! It’s best to have a documentation team ready so you can capture even the most unexpected moments, and have something to look back on and bond over with your friends and family. You can also get everyone ready their poses with the party’s themed photo booth!


Christmas gifts

Of course, don’t forget to spread the Christmas cheer and bring your gifts to the party! If you want to, you can also allocate a table so your invitees have an area to place their birthday gifts on.

Spend your Christmas creating memories that will last. Whether it’s a Christmas party with your officemates, or a small celebration with your extended family, you can count on Gawin to help you set it up. Check out various options for catering, videographers/photographers and photo booth services! Submit a request now to get free quotes to help you compare prices so you can plan accordingly for your Christmas party!

written by Bea Luna