10 Secrets Your Cleaners Want You To Know

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When you call in the cleaners, you want them to clean your place and spruce up your home’s appeal and presentation. While most cleaners are trained to be prepared for any situation, there are certain things they wish you would tell them before they start cleaning your place, because these little things would make their job much easier.

1. Notify Them About Your Allergies

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Cleaning agents may contain chemicals that can cause an adverse reaction to your system. Some allergies can actually result in death, so if you know what you’re allergic to, it’s your responsibility to tell your cleaners beforehand so they can clean your house in the most effective way possible.

2. Give Them A Concrete Schedule

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Ask any service company, and one of the biggest pet peeves is last minute scheduling. When you schedule a cleaning service, make sure you mark it in your calendar so you don’t run the risk of scheduling anything else that could clash with it. Cleaning companies would be mobilizing cleaners just to clean your home, and canceling the service at the last minute messes up the company’s schedule for the other cleaning appointments.

3. Tell Your Cleaners What To Look Out For

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Each material reacts differently to various cleaning agents, which is why cleaning companies always ask for detailed information in order to provide the best service for your money. They don’t want to be held responsible for breaking anything in your house, so it is also your responsibility to tell them what materials to be extra careful with, and if you have expensive items lying around, please stash them away to prevent misunderstandings with your cleaners.

4. Alert Your Cleaners If You Have Pets

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Certain cleaning agents could be toxic for your pets.  To save both your furry friends and yourself from the trouble of a misunderstanding, tell the cleaning company about the pets in your house. That way, they would know what particular cleansing agent to use. Some cleansing agents contain really strong chemicals that can harm your pets in a matter of minutes. Now if you have an aggressive dog that barks at strangers, you might want to keep your pet away or leave it with a trusted friend so it doesn’t obstruct the cleaners from getting the work done.

5. Specify Your Expectations

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Cleaning companies respect that we’re meticulous about hygiene. So telling them what exactly what you need cleaned will make things easier for them. Most importantly, the company will know how to handle your concerns more efficiently to prevent any unnecessary expenses.

6. Be Contactable

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Delays are sometimes inevitable due to traffic and bad weather conditions. And cleaners aren’t perfect – there are moments when they might break something in the house by accident. When that happens, the companies immediately flag this down and always try to contact the owner of the house to solve the issue swiftly and smoothly, which is why you should always make yourself contactable.

7. Give Them Ample Time


When you hire cleaners, give them ample time to clean the house. Asking them to squeeze their cleaning tasks in a limited amount of time will affect the quality of their cleaning and cause tension among both parties. So when you know your house is big, be reasonable when it comes to time. This will also show that you do care about the cleaners.

8. Let Them Know What Cleaning Equipment You Have

vacuum cleaner  Some companies will provide cleaning equipment, some don’t. So it always helps to check with the company beforehand to clarify the cleaning tools available and what they’d require from you, especially when they have to clean certain parts of your house that require specific equipment.

9. Organize Your Stuff Before The Cleaners Arrive


Cleaners are there to clean, not declutter your house. By sorting your stuff out beforehand, you’ll save them tons of time so they can focus on cleaning your place. And in doing so, you’ll avoid unnecessary misunderstandings over misplaced items and build good rapport with your cleaners.

10. Give Them A List on What To Do

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Cleaners are not telepathic. They don’t instantly know what you want them to do. Give them a list so they’ll know how to clean your house the way you want it cleaned. A checklist will make their life and yours a whole lot easier.

These little acts of consideration can improve your relationship with your cleaners, and they’ll really appreciate you for it. Ready to have your place cleaned? Check out Gawin for cleaning services so you can hire professionals at reasonable rates within a short amount of time! We bring you the experts at affordable prices.

by Katherine Gohu