10 Glamorous Hairstyles For The Beautiful Bride

On every girl’s wedding day, nothing has to be far from perfect. Her white dress should flaunt all her aspects and her makeup will flawlessly bring out the glow in her eyes. But among all things, a stunning hairstyle must enhance her unique beauty.

Depending on the type of your hair, here are some glamorous hairstyles perfect for your special day.

Wavy Hair

Contrary to belief that having wavy hair is a curse, there are cute and fun styles to experiment with. Sometimes, it just needs an affectionate brushing to tame those frizzy ends and keep your hair framing your face. Wavy hair can also refract the hair, giving it a warm glow and an illusionary tinge to give your hair some colour. Here are some styles to help bring out the best out of your wavy hair.

Flower Braid

flower braid Photo credit: designtrends.com

Placing flowers on the hair has been a common practice especially for garden weddings. But in a half up half down ‘do, turning your hair into the flower itself is a unique feat among stylists. This hairstyle involves braids that are then entwined and weaved together to form a rose that would hold your wavy hair together at the top. As for the final touch, add a little Argan Oil to tame the frizz and let your wavy hair flow down for a more elegant look.

Braided Chignon

braided chignon Photo credit: brides.com

The braided Chignon is a combination of braids formed into a loose bun. The braids are kept loose for a more modern look and also not to damage the hair too much. To create a modern look with a classical elegant touch, put on a simple pearl branch clip.

Classical Bun

classical bun Photo credit: brides.com

Nothing beats the well-loved, classical bun. Not only is it practical to keep cool but the bun also gives an illusion of having a longer neck. While having a plain bun is nice for a simple yet elegant look, spice it by making braids to form the bun. Then, create a small wreath-like shape at the back to give it more texture. And for the final frame, take out a few strands and tresses for a naturally sophisticated look.

Straight Hair

Most people see straight hair as boring because at most times, it looks limp, flat and greasy. However, having a volume-less straight hair is a blessing as it can either be ironed or permed in anyway you choose. A straight cut look, whether long or short, can bring out the elegant look you’re looking for with these simple hairstyles.

Twisted Pullback

twisted pullback Photo credit: brides.com

Parting the hair on the side gives an illusion for a nicer symmetry on the face. This hairstyle also emphasizes your simple yet glossy straight locks. For this look, the bangs (or shorter layers of hair in front) are then twisted and pinned to the larger side of the parting to give a braided look.

Upswept Bun

unswept bun Photo credit: percyhandmade.com

An upswept bun is the perfect hairstyle for a beach wedding. To let the sea breeze brush against your neck and show the illusion of a long neck, a bun is one of the classical styles that brings out the beauty by emphasizing on the glow of the face.

Sleek Straight

straight hair               Photo credit: blackhairdie.com

Sometimes, you don’t need to do fancy braids to bring out the glam in you. Even something as simple as letting your straight hair to cascade down. Put on some hair serum onto your hair and let it flow down to give a sleek frame to your face. Pair it up with a short necklace and you’d be good to go!

Curly Hair

Curly hair can be quite hard to manage especially when they’re stubborn. But, having naturally curly hair can sometimes be an advantage. Big, bold and beautiful curly hair has lots of volume and personality. It frames your face in a way that makes you look younger.

Faux Bob

faux bob Photo credit: blog.hairandmakeupbysteph.com

While buns are usual hairstyles for weddings, why not deviate a little and instead make a faux bob? Best paired with a vintage-styled wedding dress, a faux bob instantly gives a boost – making your hair more voluminous without having to deal with many pins here and there. Unlike traditional buns, a faux bob won’t constantly be tugged from the hair’s roots.

Curly Retro-inspired Hair

curly retro hair Photo credit: soulhairdressing.com

If you fell in love with The Great Gatsby movie then all the more you’re going to love this retro-inspired curly hairstyle. The hair style emphasizes on the curves to give your hair more volume and more style. It definitely matches that Marilyn Monroe feels you’re looking for.

Simple Curly Bob with Accessories

curly bob Photo credit: olwomen.com

With well-placed accessories, even a simple bob can turn into something glamorous and elegant. For this hairstyle, you can use an array of flowers such as roses, camellias, or anything that would either suit the season or the theme of the wedding. And sometimes, it doesn’t even need to be flowers. You can use ribbons for a more unique touch.


The beauty of having braided hairstyles is that it’s applicable to any hair length and hair style. Whether your hair is wavy, straight, or curly, braids can save the day! You just need to find the braided style that will suit your hair.

Romantic Fishtail Side Braid

fishtail side braid Photo credit: bridalmusings.com

Simple and bold, a romantic side-fishtail braid is versatile in terms of accessorizing. For some, they would weave flowers into their hair to give a floral look whereas others would add some pearls and glitter for a beach look. To finish off the look, add in a flower crown or other accessory – sky’s the limit!

Weddings happen only once in a lifetime – might as well make it remarkable. And having that glamorous hairstyle makes every girl look and feel good on her special day. With different ways to style your hair, find out which brings out your personality and boosts your more confident.

Clueless and can’t do any of these styles yourself? Do not worry at all. Log on to Gawin and submit your request for a hair stylist. We’ll be more than happy to connect you to the ideal hair stylist who will give you the brilliant hairdo of your dreams.

written by Katherine Gohu