10 Essential Cleaning Items For Any Household


It is good to hire house cleaning services or part time maids to manage your home, but circumstances may arise where you would need to handle it yourself. Here are 10 essential cleaning items and tools you would need to be well acquainted with to do so.

1) Baking Soda

A natural mild abrasive that doubles as a deodorizer, it is great for removing grease stains, soap scum and scuff marks.


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2) Bleach

All purpose bleach cleaners are really great for cleaning off mold and mildew, sterilising household items, disinfect surfaces as well as remove tough stains. Refrain from letting the product come into contact with your skin or eyes as it can cause irritation.

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3) Hand wash dishwasher detergent

Cuts grease, removes surface dirt and won’t harm or stain delicate surfaces such as chinaware and porcelain. This is essential for dishwashing and certain detergents can be very gentle on the hands.


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4) All-purpose cleaner

A great general surface cleaner, it can be used to clean furniture surfaces, remove build-up, clean counter tops and for general touch ups around the house.  It doesn’t work as work well on glass or stain removal in fabric. It is a mild disinfectant unless the product has added this capability specifically.


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5) Disinfectant

Disinfectant negates the accumulation of most bacteria and if there is alcohol in the product it can also eliminate viruses. This ensures that your household items will be safe for handling and this is especially important if you have toddlers or babies at home.



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6) bathroom cleaner

This is designed to eliminate bacterial colonies, mold and sop scum. This keeps your toilet bowl, floor and faucets free of potentially dangerous E.coli and other fecal bacterial species build ups.


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7) Glass cleaner

This product is best used for glass surfaces as other types of cleaners do not add shine or remove stains of such smooth surfaces.

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8) Double sided sponges and microfiber cloths

Double sided sponges are perfect for cleaning smooth surfaces such as plates and sinks as well tougher stains on smooth surfaces without scratching them.

Microfiber cloths are great for polishing and removing dust. Much like optical cloth, they can be used to clean electronics as well. Just avoid greasy surfaces as they stain the cloths quite stubbornly.


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9) Mop (and bucket)

As old fashioned as this may appear, the mop still can’t be phased out just as yet. You will need this to apply most of your cleaners like bleach, multi-purpose or floor cleaners on to. You can use some of the modern designs with twisters to reduce the physical strain of using a mop.


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10 ) Vacuum

This is now a common appliance in almost every household.  Although they are pricey and use a ton of electricity, this is still the best option out there to remove dust and fibre particles around the house. Brooms only serve to gather the dust and swirl it around but vacuums suck up the dust and remove them effectively.


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Certain items such as carpets and fabric sofas require more heavy duty products and you may want to hire upholstery cleaning and carpet cleaning service providers.