10 Chinese New Year Beliefs That Bring Good Fortune

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Aside from serving lucky dishes during Chinese New Year festivities, there are more things that the Chinese believe can either make or break your luck for the year ahead. You’ve probably heard some of these before – but here’s the full rundown of things you need to remember to invite more luck into your homes.

Clean up – But Not on New Years Day

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The Chinese believe that cleaning the entire house gets rid of any bad luck from the past year. They also believe that cleaning up gives lady luck more room to occupy in your home – which is why it’s customary to clean up before New Year’s Eve. However, it’ s considered bad luck to sweep floors or clean on New Year’s Day itself as you’ll be “sweeping away” your luck.


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To get good luck, a good decorating job is in order! But don’t decorate your home with streamers and balloons. Instead, decorate your home with plastic firecrackers, which are said to frighten away evil spirits that want to bring you ill fortune. Displaying oranges, pomelos and tangerines also symbolizes abundance and prosperity for the coming year.

Don’t Let Debt Follow You

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It’s not just a practical advice, but it’s also a bringer of luck, according to the Chinese. Before New Year’s Eve, clear out all your dues and make sure that you’ve paid everyone back – otherwise, debt will continue to follow and haunt you next year.

Don’t Say This Number

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That’s right, don’t say the number four! During New Year’s Day, the Chinese consider it unlucky to say the number “four” as it sounds like the Chinese word for “death.” Saying the number out loud and repeatedly is considered calling “death” to enter your home. Instead, you can make it a challenge to find a creative way to say the number!

Set Off Firecrackers

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On New Year’s Eve, set off firecrackers right at the crack of midnight. This symbolizes sending out the old year and welcoming the New Year with open arms, and the loud sounds of the firecrackers are said to ward off unwanted evil spirits from your home.

Open Up

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Just as with firecrackers, it’s considered good luck by the Chinese to open all doors and windows just as the New Year hits at midnight. According to Chinese belief, this symbolizes letting go of the old year and welcoming good fortune for the new year.

Don’t Wash Your Hair

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This might seem counterintuitive especially after all the firecrackers and fireworks during New Year’s Eve, but it’s considered bad luck in Chinese culture to wash your hair during New Year’s Day. Doing so is believed to be symbolic of “washing away” any good luck for the rest of the year.

Be Wary of What You Wear

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A lot of people know that the Chinese consider it lucky to wear red on New Year’s Day especially since red is the color of happiness. What many don’t know is that, on the flipside, wearing white or black is considered unlucky as these colors symbolize mourning.

Be Careful With Your Money

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Just as how you shouldn’t let debt follow you into the New Year, so you should also be careful with your money. The Chinese believe that lending money on New Year’s Day (and borrowing money, too) can spell bad luck the entire year. The belief is that if you lend money on New Year’s Day, you will be lending all year. The same goes with borrowing money!

Take A Break From Cooking


The Chinese consider it bad luck as well to cook on New Year’s Day, so you can spend the rest of the day lounging around, ordering take out, or maybe even treating yourself to some good old R&R. Should you need to prepare food for guests, don’t hesitate to seek assistance from professional caterers at Gawin.ph!

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written by Bea Luna