10 Beautiful Garden Designs That Will Inspire You to Decorate

A big fan of the great outdoors and lush, green landscapes? Whether you’re living in the middle of the city’s hustle and bustle, or in a quite subdivision, matching your house with an equally beautiful garden is not a difficult feat to achieve. If your garden needs some serious makeover, here are beautiful garden designs to inspire you with your next home improvement project. 

Elevated Alfresco Dining Area

elevated dining alfresco area Photo credit: gardeningtake.org

Use your garden as a laidback hangout place for Friday nights over wine. You can use wood for your stairs and main platform, while using dark brown and white decor to match the landscape’s color scheme.

Outdoor Living Space

outdoor living space Photo credit: bloglovin.com

If you’re a bit daring, opt for creating an outdoor living space out of your garden. It definitely takes a whole new perspective on relaxation. Who says sofas are only meant to be put in front of the television?

A little Corner For A Sanctuary

a little corner as a sanctuary Photo credit: pinterest.com

Maybe you’re a bookworm who loves the peace and quiet, or someone who finds happiness in taking in the fresh air with a cup of tea. Create your own humble sanctuary for the times you want to de-stress and breathe easy.

Fill It With Colorful Flowers

backyard garden with colorful flowers Photo credit: pinterest.com

If you’re someone who enjoys basking in splashes of color, the perfect garden design for you might just be to fill your garden with flowers of all kinds and colors. From sunflowers to lavenders, you can plant and create your own paradise of flowers, then put in a simple wooden bench to add to its charm.

A Simple Table Amongst Lush Greens

simple table amongst lush greens Photo credit: inspirationsdeco.blogspot.fr

Sometimes, the best garden design doesn’t require frills. Set up a simple steel table with some chairs that go with the abundance of greens in your garden – the perfect spot for a barbecue party with your friends and family.

Fill It With Lights

backyard garden lighting Photo credit: onekingslane.com

There’s no better place to feel the magic than in your own backyard. For a romantic dinner date set-up right at home, fill your garden with twinkling, dangling lights or warm lights.

A Quite Place to Talk

green benches in backyard Photo credit: homemydesign.com

Sometimes all you really need is a good, candid conversation. Lay back, call a friend, and have a few beers right in your garden. Putting even just two chairs and a small table can already make for a great garden designs.

Bricks, Greens and Flowers

backyard garden with bricks Photo credit: homestratosphere.com

Bricks go well with natural landscapes and add a feeling of being in another country. This is perfect for homeowners whose houses don’t allow for a garden full of grass and tall trees, but still want a beautiful, open-air area for the occasional coffee and tea.  

Down the Winding Road

country garden with pathway Photo credit: countryliving.com

Make your garden look like the centerpiece of an adventure story! You can carve a winding road just by using small bushes as rails.

Keep It Spacious

spacious backyard Photo credit: countryliving.com

If you have a lot of space in your backyard, there’s no need to fill every corner and area with a plant or a piece of furniture. You can decorate here and there and keep the rest of it clear so you can have an area for picnics, playtime, intimate gatherings, and more.

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written by Bea Luna