10 Awkward Toilet Situations Everyone Experiences

Everyone has a funny story to tell and they’re usually the ones that involve a washroom. Nothing is funnier than stories about awkward encounters in the toilet. So, here are some awkward toilet situations everyone has experienced. Don’t worry – you’re not alone!


  1. The Accidental Fart
The Accidental Fart
Image Source: Pixabay

Nothing is more awkward than releasing that accidental gas – for both the one that released it and the one listening to it. We’ve all been in that situation and we shouldn’t be ashamed of it, especially since passing gas is human nature.


  1. The Waiting Game

Have you ever been in a situation where you’re waiting for the other person in the stall next to you to leave, so you can go about your business? Well, chances are that they’re probably waiting for you to leave. Which leaves both of you in a toilet loop, waiting for one another. Ending with someone finally giving in and getting their business done uncomfortably quickly.


  1. The Concert
The Concert
Image Source: Pixabay

Why bother going to the concert when you can have your own private one in the bathroom. Well, that is if it’s private – it can be awkward when your bowels are having a concert of their own and there’s an actual audience. However, there’s no need to be embarrassed, if you’re going to put on a concert, might as well go all out! Just be sure not to clog the toilet up.

However, if that does happen, hire our trusted plumbing experts to get it unclogged.


  1. The Competition

We all know that sometimes in the men’s bathroom, a little friendly competition will commence. Sometimes, it can get awkward especially when some people need more practice on their aim than others. But no harm was done, a little friendly competition never hurt anyone.


  1. The Incognito

We’ve all been through it – checking to see if anyone’s in the toilet. Making sure the coast is clear, so you can go number 2. However, some of us aren’t that lucky and there’ll be someone in the stalls. No matter how hard you’re holding it in, you don’t have a choice and you’ll end up using the toilet anyway. Which means, unfortunately, there’s going to be people at your concert.


  1. The Peekaboo

Don’t you just hate it when you make eye contact with people by accident? It’s even worse when you accidentally make eye contact with someone on that’s on the toilet. Indeed, a very awkward situation! Toilet door designers should probably design doors that are fully closed, so there’s no chance of a peekaboo.


  1. The Child
The Child
Image Source: Pixabay

When they say a child never lies and they’re always honest – they weren’t kidding. Bringing a child into the toilet with you while you go about your business, is the same as using a megaphone and letting everyone know what you’re doing. There’s just no filter when it comes to a child speaking their mind. Nothing’s more awkward than your child telling everyone you’re wearing polka dotted underwear.


  1. The Multitask

Whoever deals with bathroom management should definitely look into fixing their doors. It’s hard enough to multitask on a daily basis. To multitask while you’re on the loo is like joining the Olympics. You’ve got one hand and one leg up trying to keep the door shut and at the same time trying to stay seated. That’s a whole work out right there!


  1. The Missing
The Missing
Image Source: Pixabay

We pray that we are never in a situation where we run out of toilet paper. However, sometimes our prayers don’t get answered. Which leaves us to go through the awkwardness of asking a stranger to pass you some toilet paper.


  1. The Familiar

That awkward moment when your co-worker, classmates, or someone you know are in the washroom with you. It’s even more awkward when both of you were hoping it’ll be empty, so you can do your business in peace. So, now the two of you might end up experiencing the toilet loop, one waiting for the other to leave. It’ll never end till someone gives in!

There’s a lot of awkward situation we’ve all experienced in the toilet but nothing is more awkward than a broken toilet in your home or office.

So, be sure to keep your plumbing system updated and hire our experts to get the job done for you.

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