10 Awesome Bookshelves For Your Book Collection

Do you have a bookshelf for your books? Or is your current bookshelf already preoccupied with books from a previous book sale? Fret not, we’ve got handymen available on Gawin.ph to fix up a fantastic bookshelf for your new purchases – besides, when you’ve got a good-looking bookshelf like the ones featured in this blog, they double up as unique decor!

1. Au Naturale Bookshelf

natural-bookshelfPhoto credit: pinterest.com

Stick some wood in your home and ta-dah – you’ve got a heck of an eco-friendly bookshelf ready to house your books.

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2. Ladder Bookshelf

ladder-bookshelfPhoto credit: newestrom.com

Now you can reuse your ladders by propping them against the wall and adding square surfaces to each ring as shelves!

3. Book Staircase

book-staircasePhoto credit: diply.com

This creative staircase also doubles as a bookshelf. It’s genius, space-saving, and completely cool. There’s plenty of compartments for CDs and other knick knacks too.

4. Home Library

home-library-decorPhoto credit: momspark.com

Always dreamt of being surrounded by books? Well, now you can!

5. Pull-Out Shelves

Photo credit: homedit.com

Pull-out shelves are great space-savers. They also prevent your books from collecting too much dust.

6. Floating Grid Shelf

Photo credit: archideaphoto

This minimalist bookshelf reminds us that there is beauty in sheer simplicity.

7. Branching Out

tree-bookshelfPhoto credit: huffingtonpost.com

Fancy a creative bookshelf that’s bound to generate compliments from your visitors? This one cuts the cake!

8. Clean And Simple Bookshelf

white-bookshelfPhoto credit: styleathome.com

You can never go wrong with white. This two-columned bookshelf is divided by a desk, which makes for a nice work space at home.

9. Rotating Table Bookshelf

bookshelf-coffee-tablePhoto credit: etsy.com


This charming wooden fixture plays both roles so well – it’s a neat little coffee table and a unique bookshelf. And it comes with rollers too, so you have the option of moving it around the house with ease.

10. House Of Books

a-house-of-booksPhoto credit: woohome.com

If you ever wanted to show off your book collection… this is how you do it. Do it loud and do it proud.

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While bringing home a fresh new set of books is always exciting, making room for them might prove to be a difficult task. Remember to declutter your home first so you wouldn’t have to stress about it later! If you need a helping hand with that, hire professional home cleaners on Gawin.ph to give your house a thorough cleanse, then home renovation specialists to help you install your new bookshelf. 

written by Bea Luna & Carissa Gan